What We Do !

Our "Mojo" at Mcbike and Sport is " We Do What We do ! It sounds complicated but it's not . We only sell products in sports we participate in . Our staff uses the stuff we sell. We like to keep it simple.In each of the categories we specialize in at least one of our staff is an expert.  


We specialize in fly fishing, saltwater, lake trolling and ice fishing. Depending on what's going ( where the most fish action is)  you will see us out on the water Go to our fishing page for all the details on what's happening on in diferent bodies of water during all the months 


This is the category that has the all of our staff excited. We basically live,breath and dream biking, Christmas for us is when the new bikes start to come in ! Whether you are taking your first pedal strokes,riding to work, x-c trail riding, shreddin the skate/bike park, dropping 20 footers,  or doing Ironman we can help you .  Depending on the time of year we are out on the road or on the trails or riding to work.


Running includes, walking for weight loss, run /walking, training for 5 or 10 k, trail running, completing your first marathon or serious training ! Some of our staff are cross country skiers so running is the off season cross training. We have lots of experience in basics to marathons and triathlons. We carry all the tools and nutrition do give you the level of expertise you need.

Swimming to us is doing laps at the pool, trying to do laps at the pool or just hanging out at the pool. We have everthing from surf shorts, flippers + masks, speedos and swim accesories. Sorry no rubber duckies

Triathlon- Triathlon is an addiction .Once you start it's hard to stop . Most newbies have a background in one of the three discplines. But to put it all together or just to complete your first one, we have one addict on staff that can help you with all your needs.

Backcountry + Cross country skiing

Backcountry skiing to us is sking through alpine meadows and forested trails to that favorite ski cabin. Sorry, we don't do alpine touring gear!

Cross country skiing is plowing through a litte skiff of snow through a farmers field, long classic strides in the tracks, flying along the groomed track on skate gear, or doing your first strides on x-c skis. We carry everything from the starter package to the top of the line race skis. Almost all of our staff participates in this sport.    


get out & play today!!

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