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Get the latest river conditions for the Bulkley, Skeena, Kispiox, Kitimat and Copper rivers. Whats working, whats not. Are the steelhead here yet? Whats the Bulkley River water level like. Our fishing updates will answer all your questions and prepare you for your next fishing trip to Smithers or Terrace.

Colder days, clear water

Posted on Oct 11/2016

Temperature has dropped a little early for this time of the year but the water is clear and fishing well

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Better weather on the way

Posted on Sep 10/2016

After a week or more of rain good weather is on the way.

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Rain, Rain, Rain!

Posted on Jul 19/2016

The nearly nightly occurance of rain has the rivers running high.

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Great weather and great river conditions.

Posted on Jun 20/2016

The sun is back and the river is very clear for this time of the year.

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Season is heating up.

Posted on May 25/2016

The early warm weather has action heating up in lakes and in Rainbow Alley

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No one left but diehards and locals

Posted on Oct 23/2014

All rivers are way up and coloured at least the weather is improving.

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Rivers coming back into shape

Posted on Oct 10/2014

As expected the Bulkley, Skeena, Kispiox and Morice have mostly cleared from the rains and Steelheading is good. Expect things to get really good by the weekend if the weather holds.

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Tough going but better water levels

Posted on Oct 06/2014

Tough going out there in most areas including lower Bulkley, Skeena, Kispiox Rivers due to recent rains but there is a silver lining.

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Time for die hard steelheaders

Posted on Oct 03/2014

It's cold and wet out there. Time for the die hard steelhead anglers to shine.

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Excellent Dry Fly Fishing

Posted on Sep 17/2014

Dry fly fishing continues to be incredible on the Bulkley and Morice but a weather change up is coming

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Steelhead Season!

Posted on Sep 06/2014

Coho fishing continues to be excellent and dry fly fishing for Steelhead is great.

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Sockeye, Sockeye, Sockeye

Posted on Aug 14/2014

It has been a great sockeye fishing year and there are still lots in the Skeena as well as at the Babine River fish fence.

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Great fishing througout the entire region

Posted on Jul 29/2014

With a variety of fish in the system this is one of the best times of the year to head out.

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The Sockeye are Coming

Posted on Jul 14/2014

Tyee test fishery numbers for Sockeye Salmon are through the roof.

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Great conditions on the Skeena

Posted on Jun 30/2014

In this report we are off to Terrace for a first hand look at the Chinook Salmon conditions on the Skeena.

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First Video Fishing Report

Posted on Jun 28/2014

We have partnered with Smithers Events to offer a video of actual river conditions as part of our report.

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Rivers are open - Chinook are here!

Posted on Jun 21/2014

With the recent opening of the Bulkley the first Chinooks have already been caught in Moricetown. This is shaping up to be a good spring salmon season.

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Snow Pack Going Down

Posted on Jun 03/2014

Recent warm sunny weather has really reduced the snow pack. Bulkley and Skeena remain high and muddy but should start to clear up about the time chinook really start hitting the system

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Fishing Update - Lakes are where its at

Posted on May 14/2014

With the rivers generally high and muddy or closed lake fishing is where its at.

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Gone fishing

Posted on Oct 24/2013

We have been out enjoying the fishing and neglected to update this post. Bulkley is in great shape.

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Bulkley Low and Clear Despite Recent Rain

Posted on Oct 03/2013

Despite the recent rains the Morice, Kispiox, and Bulkley remain low and clear.

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Dry Fly Time on the Bulkley

Posted on Sep 02/2013

2 days of sun have brought the river into excellent shape again and dries are the order of the day as Steelhead start moving up through the system.

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Coho, coho everywhere coho

Posted on Aug 27/2013

Last nights downpour has brought river levels up this morning but clarity is still decent. Coho fishing remains hot.

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Spring Fishing Slowing Down

Posted on Jul 23/2013

Fishing for Chinook in the Bulkley has either peaked or will be late.

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The Springs are here

Posted on Jul 14/2013

Chinooks have finally made their way up into the Bulkley River.

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Rivers Improving

Posted on Jul 02/2013

The water levels continue to drop and the rivers are slowly clearing up.

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Chocolate Milk

Posted on Jun 20/2013

After 3 days of heavy rain the Bulkley River is completely blown out and a big mess

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Water moving up

Posted on Jun 17/2013

Water levels are coming up after several days of hot weather. River was still fishing great on the weekend but the rain in the forecast this week will probably muddy things up. Some chinook being caught on the Bulkley already which is amazing for this time of the year.

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June 16 Bulkley River Opening

Posted on Jun 09/2013

Sunday June 16th brings the opening of the Bulkley for fishing lets hope for less rain. Details on Sockeye closure.

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First Trip of the Season

Posted on Mar 18/2012

On the water early this year. Nice weather but no fish.

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Coho are in

Posted on Aug 19/2011

The Coho run is just getting started time to get out and enjoy this great fighting fish.

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Posted on Jul 30/2011

Its been a long wait but I finally got my first Spring.

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Back Trolling on the Skeena

Posted on Jul 07/2011

McBike crew spent a beautiful evening on the water doing some back trolling Thursday after work.

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First Fishing Trip of the Season

Posted on Apr 05/2011

Fri Apr 1 - Sat Apr 2 Went fishing in Terrace for the first trip of the season.

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