Ski + Snow Board Tuning Service

We specialize in tuning and waxing cross country skis, snow boards and downhill skis. We have a ski tuner with a manual feed stone grinder to put a good structure finish into the base of the skis.

Why Wax or Tune Skis + Snow Boards ?

Cross-country Skis 

X-C ski bases become convex from snowplowing or edging around corners thus need to be tuned to keep the bases flat . Flat bases make the skis ski glide better. More base on the snow= more speed. When the bases become dry and grey they don't absorb wax well and the glide is compromised. This can be improved by grinding the bases which also takes out minor scratches from skiing over stick and small rocks. Glide waxing X-C skis is also the key to keeping the skis fast and should be done ever 2-3 outings and should be done to match the snow conditions

Down Hill Skis

Downhill skis need to be tuned because the edges get dull from skiing over hard snow and hitting rocks. The bases also receive scratches from rocks and need to be p-texed, and then ground  and waxed . Down hill skis should be tuned once a year to give you a good edge on those hard packed days and the wax will help your glide, getting you over those flat spots . Its a good idea to wax your DH skis 2-3 times  year or more if you want the optimal glide.

Snow Boards

Most snowboarders aren't really concerned about sharp edges and fast bases. But when you are going in to hit that hip jump and you have to carry your speed over a flat it helps when your board glides well.  How often are you going over flat ground trying to get to the out of bounds powder and you get stuck because your board isn't gliding? Snow boarders don't have poles to get over the flat sections. On those hard packed or icy days it's nice to have some edge control. So get your board tuned so it glides well and has sharp edges.


Service rates


  Wax Tune Extra P-texing
DH Skis  $15 $30 $5-$10
X-C skis $15 $30 $5
Snowboard $20 $40 $5-15$
  Baskets Grips  cut down
X-C poles $10-$25 $10  $10

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