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Salomon S-Lab Classic

Salomon's top of the line, world cup proven skis. The S-Lab Classic comes in different flexes to accommodate a varitey of skier body types.

G5 Zeolit Base:

World Cup performance base with maximum universal performance + Zeolit additive for increased wax absorption and retention.

Specific Warm and Cold Constructions:

We stock the cold condition skiis but can order the warm on request. The cold ski features extra fine World Cup stone grind for best performance from extremely cold to cold conditions, below -5°C. In addition to the base grind differences, the warm ski has a shorter glide zone for reduced wet snow suction, while the cold condition skis have a longer glide zone to maximize edge hold, and glide in colder snow temperatures.

Propulsion Spaceframe:

3D reinforcement in the gliding zone and forebody of the ski, with fork shape be hind the foot, provides better acceleration and faster glide. The cold ski features a low profile camber and thinner wax pocket for easier kick engagement and full kick-zone contact. Longer glide zone area creates a better gliding film and a faster ski in cold conditions. This is combined with D2FC Digital Dynamic Flex Control which allows for digital control of the molding press which creates optimal camber and flex for the temperature condition. This is also the process used for computerized matching of the skis for perfect pairing.

Nomex Core:

Nomex is one of the lightest core materials on the market.

Classic parallel race sidecut (44/44/44):

Parallel sidecut that helps skis track straight and fast.

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