Bulkley Low and Clear Despite Recent Rain

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Posted on Oct 03/2013

Despite the recent two to 3 days of rain the majority of rivers are still low and clear.

Bulkley River Fishing Report

The Bulkley is crystal clear and lower than it has been in quite some time. Fish are being caught but it is challenging. Water temperature is starting to drop. Still some success on dries but many are switching to swinging wet flies now.

Morice River Fishing Report

Like the Bulkley the Morice is low and clear. Mixed reports coming out of here. Some people I have talked to said the fishing was great others said it was very slow.

Kispiox River Fishing Report

Talked to a few fly fishers who said the Kispiox was very good immediately after the rain but most are still saying it is fairly slow. Fish are good sized but the water is still very low. Good time to do some exploring for new locations as the river is running quite different from normal.


Ditch the intruder and big leaches. In recent years the mantra seems to have been bigger is better. This is often successful in winter fishing in deep buckets but in this type of low water consider downsizing. Swinging smaller traditional flies can pay off in these type of conditions. Consider muddlers on floating poly leaders or smaller wet flies on an intermediate or floating poly leader. When the water is this clear the fish will see your fly and a big spooky fly is not needed.

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