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Posted on Aug 19/2011

Reports are coming in and staff are catching them. The coho salmon are in the Bulkley. Several have been caught in Telkwa in the last few days as well as Chicken Creek and other popular locations. If your fishing gear a number 3 or 4 Blue Fox spinner works great. I prefer blue but pink, orange and silver are also popular. Fish up to a size 5 if you are at the rock in Moricetown.

I was in Telkwa the other night and noticed lots of the younger crowd jigging away for pinks just under the bridge. This is a popular spot for the young kids as you can actually watch the pinks swim right by as they jig their offering in front of the fish hoping for a bite.

Still the odd scattered report of some Springs being caught but they have mostly run their course for the year and those being caught are looking a little red and tired.

Reports from the Babine say they finally have the fish fence closed although the river is very high for this time of the year and dfo is strongly urging caution to anyone fishing near the bridge.  Since the fence was open for so long due to debris numbers of sockeye in the lake could be quite high and trolling should be good.

Get out there and enjoy the fishing.

get out & play today!!

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