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Posted on Aug 27/2013

Bulkley - Last nights torrential downpour has brought the river levels up somewhat. Not a bad thing since they were very low. The rain has also brought some murkiness with it but the river is still in very fishable condition. With more rain in the forecast for Thursday and Friday we will have to see what the weekend brings. Coho fishing in the Bulkley is where it is at right now. Lots being caught on spoons and blue foxes and fly fisherman are having success as well. Still some pinks around and Steelhead are being caught more frequently now but it is still the early part of the run.

Skeena - Reports are that the Skeena is high and dirty from one friend but another reports the river is "starting to come back into shape" so unsure about what that means. Certainly larger flies will be the ticket there. Still some pinks and Steelhead numbers are increasing, lots of Coho.

Kispiox - Lots of pinks and Coho in the river. Still no reports of people being charged to fish the lower Kispiox but that may change as we move into the busier Steelhead season.

Please remember that Sockeye remain closed for the entrie Skeena watershed.

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