Excellent Dry Fly Fishing

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Posted on Sep 17/2014

Bulkley River Fishing Report

Dry fly fishing for Steelhead on the Bulkley River has been incredible this year. Perfect combination of great weather, clear water and fish in the river. That may change as there is some rain and overcast forecasted for the next several days but the temperature is not expected to dip. Be prepared to change it up to the wet fly. Coho fishing is ok but is starting to slow down. Water is still low and clear.

Morice River Fishing Report

Like the Bulkley dry fly fishing on the Morrice has been great. All reports sound like the catch numbers are coming up as fish move up the system.

Kispiox River Fishing Report

The Kispiox is ultra low and clear. It is almost like exploring a new river. Coho is still doing well here and Steelhead has been good as well.

Tyee Test Fishery Steelhead Numbers

As you can see from the two charts below, overall numbers for Steelhead are reasonable but not outstanding. The daily number show some strong groupings coming through earlier which is likely why the fishing is so good even though the overall numbers are not outstanding. You can also see on the daily that the number of fish entering the system is beginning to wane. That is normal and the fishery is only monitored for another week or so. It takes some time for those fish to make it up to our area.

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