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Posted on Jun 28/2014

We have partnered up with Smithers Events to add a video component to our fishing updates. This report includes a video with actual river conditions on the Bulkley River at Moricetown, Trout Creek, old bridge on Main Street, and Lunan Road. Consider subscribing to the Smithers Events YouTube Channel to get notified of updates.

Bulkley River Fishing Report

The Bulkley River is in decent condition for this time of the year. Color is a nice green and the visibility is moderate. Chinook is the target fish but the reports of fish being caught is not great yet. There are some people catching so the fish are here but not in great numbers yet. Water at Idiot Rock is moderately high but very fishable. Lower ledge has not shown up yet for those who are familiar with the spot. There have been alot of people bar fishing with spin n glow rigs at Lunan Road but no reports of fish caught. Lunan Road is a great place to go for family fishing because of the sandy beach. I often fish here with my 4 year old daughter mostly to build sand castles and if we get a fish on thats a bonus. There are a few people reporting catching Springs as high up as Telkwa bridge. Depending on the weather over the next few days things could get very good.

Skeena River Fishing Update

Reports out of Terrace indicate the Skeena is of similar color and condition to the Bulkley but the catch numbers are better. Chinook numbers are down compared to last year at this time according to the Tyee Test Fishery numbers but Sockeye numbers are higher than last year and Sockeye fisherman are already lined up along Ferry Island. The ministry estimates a good Sockeye run this year which is good news since most areas faced closures last year.

Kitimat River Fishing Update

The Kitimat is one of the few areas reporting decent catch numbers of Spring Salmon.

Babine River/Rainbow Alley

A friend was up a couple of days ago and indicated good success with 'sofa pillows' and 'cinnamon ants' anything with a bit of red seemed to get them going he said. Weather has changed a bit since then and fry patterns are always a good alternative if you are not having success with dry flies.

Ocean Fishing Update

Ocean Fishing has been slow compared to past years. Stewart is the one exception and people are doing well for Halibut and Springs.

Tyee Test Fishery Numbers comparison 2013 vs 2014

Bulkley River at Quick Water Level and Discharge 2014

Bulkley River at Quick Water Level and Discarge 2013

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