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Posted on Oct 24/2013

Sorry for the delay in posts we have been out enjoying the rivers.

Bulkley River Fishing Conditions

The rains of a couple weeks ago brought the levels of the river up a fair amount which is a good thing they were getting very low. Bulkley is crystal clear again and fishing well. Mornings are extremely foggy and temperatures have dropped quite a bit in general although for the time of the year the afternoons are quite pleasant. Water temps have dropped as well. Time to put away the rage and delta lines and think about pulling out the skagit and some sink tips. Certainly still fish throughout the runs but start fishing the buckets and pools more as the temperature continues to drop.

Morice River Fishing Conditions

Reports from the Morice are good with a better success rate than the Bulkley it would seem. River is clear with lowing water.

Skeena River Report

Most fish have moved up through the system and are in the tributaries and further up the system. Copper is variable depending on weather and rain levels as usual.

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