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Posted on Jun 30/2014

Fishing Report via

In this report we travel to Terrace to get a first hand look at the condition of the Skeena River. We do some fishing on the Skeena near the mouth of the Copper as well as on Ferry Island. (slight error video says June 30 but date was June 29th)

Bulkley River Fishing Report

Recent rains have colored the Bulkley somewhat but it is still in fishable condition particularily for the time of the year. Reports of fish caught remained mixed with numbers fairly low still. Tyee test fishery numbers remain fairly constant so we should see a reasonable run through in the next week or two.

Skeena River Fishing Report

On this trip we spent 4 hours fishing the Skeena near the mouth of the Copper. Couple of fish caught but while I was there. The Copper was running nice and green, fairly clear into the Skeena. We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening bar fishing with Spin N Glows at Ferry Island in Terrace. There was alot more action here (and alot more people) with quite a few fish being caught. Certainly no monsters but lots of 10-15lb Chinooks in beautiful silver condition. Just as I was leaving I took a spin past the Kalum and it was also running nice and clear. The conditions on the Skeena around Terrace are probably about as good as they can be for Spring Salmon. Clear but not gin clear with a bit of color. It was colder than I expected though with high winds and overcast skies. The few fly fisherman I saw were struggling to cast.

Kitimat River Update

Still hearing very good numbers of fish caught on the Kitimat. This is a good river to try and catch a Chinook on the fly if you are so inclined. Chartreuse and black large profile flies are a favorite like this simple chinook tube fly.

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