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Posted on Oct 23/2014

Well what can you say. After a couple of weeks of off and on rain including a few very hard rain days all systems are way up and very coloured. Not much point in reporting on each system separately other than to say that the Bulkley is no longer clearer above Telkwa than below it is all very similar. Kispiox is quite high and coloured. Only spots with minor differences are the Babine and the Morice which are in slightly better shape than the Bulkley or Skeena Rivers. On the up side the weather forecast for the next several days looks decent. Warm weather (for this time of the year) is forecast for the weekend with off and on cloudy and a low chance of precipitation. Majority of tourists have gone home for the season and it is just locals and a few diehards so enjoy the beautiful fall weather and some time alone on the river.

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