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Posted on Jun 21/2014

With the recent opening of the Bulkley the first Chinooks have already been caught in Moricetown. This is shaping up to be a good spring salmon season.

The recent heavy rains on Thursday night has brought quite a bit of color to what was otherwise a very nice green Bulkley for this early in the season. Water levels have risen some with the rains but remain low for this time of the year. Bulkley is in marginal condition for fishing as of this report but depending on the weather should clear up soon. Mostly the Telkwa blew up in the high rains and has colored everything below that. Reports of a couple springs caught in Moricetown already which is good news.

Skeena is in slightly better condition than the Bulkley but has also suffered from the recent rains. The copper was pouring brown on Friday but things are slowly clearing up. Again it will depend on the weather as to how the next few days go.

Reports from the Kitimat indicate it is probably in the best shape of the local rivers and is fishing well. This will also likely mean it is busy as people look for good water. Remember to practice good etiquitte on crowded waters.

Ocean fishing has been medium to slow leading up to the Friday but people are still catching. Friday big winds blew in and the forecast calls for high winds for the next few days. Check the marine forecast for current conditions but fishing is not advisable at the moment which is a bummer as we had to cancel our own trip out to Rupert this weekend.

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