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Posted on Oct 10/2014

As predicted the rivers have all more or less come back into shape after the heavy rains last weekend. Check out our video to get a really clear idea of the color and level of visibility on the Bulkley above and below Telkwa.

Bulkley River

Up river from Telkwa is reasonably clear with a bit of greenish tint. Medium visibility. This section stayed mostly fishable even right after the rain and so has been facing heavy pressure and is quite busy. The section below Telkwa is still suffering from some color dumping in from the Telkwa river (see video) but has cleared up considerably and is in fishable shape at this time. Steelheading is good and people are reporting fish caught in this section. There is far less pressure in this area and would be a good area to go if you are looking to avoid crowds.

Morice River

The Morice faired reasonably well during the rain and is in good fishable shape. People are catching fish. Fair number of Steelheaders on the river.

Kispiox River

Kispiox is in good shape but is extremely busy. The Kispiox was probably the least effected by the heavy rains on the weekend. Fishing is consistent but not outstanding.

Babine River

In good shape and facing less pressure than other rivers. A good spot to go if you are looking for a little more solitude.

Skeena River

The Skeena is just now coming back into reasonable shape. Concentrate on larger patterns, intruders and the like. Flies which have a larger profile and the fish will spot more easily are working well.

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