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Posted on May 25/2016

The unusually warm early season has people itching to get out there and the fishing is very good for this time of the year.

Rainbow Alley has been hot with smolt patterns and even stonefly patterns producing well. The warm weather has produced hatches of stoneflies already this season so go get some dry fly action.

Lakes have also been very good. Normally this time of the year chironomids are still the main go to but some people are reporting seeing may fly hatches and some damsel flies as well. Certainly nymph patterns will produce well and if the hatch is on be sure to bring a few dries with you as well.

Up on the Skeena and the Kitimat some people have been trying to get a jump on the season with the warm weather you can even see people out camping on China Bar already. Fishing for Spring's though is still slow and I would not expect it to get going for at least another week.

In the ocean reports of Springs are increasing and many areas are fishing well for halibut as well.

All in all a great start to the season so get out and enjoy the warm weather.

get out & play today!!

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