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Posted on Aug 14/2014

Great time of the year to be out fishing and get the freezer stocked up for winter.

Bulkley/Morice - Chinook fishing is mostly done now. There may be the odd Spring still higher up in the system but not many are targeting this fish now. The Pink Salmon run has started although is still not super hot yet. This can be a great fishery for young anglers as well as those new to the sport. The success rate is high and that gets people hooked on fishing. There has been the very odd Coho caught already and even the very occassional Steelhead but it is a little early for these fish yet. Look for Coho fishing to improve over the next couple weeks. Fish slacker water pools with a blue fox for gear fishing or for fly rods using a stripping retrieve and a wooly bugger or streamer to attract their attention.

Skeena - The Skeena remains in great shape. Higher up the system is still producing very well for Sockeye and the limit remains at 4 fish per day for the Skeena. Anderson Flats, Kitwanga backroad are all producing well. As you move down the system the concentration of Pinks and Coho increases and Sockeye decreases. Coho fishing is good around Terrace right now and there are Steelhead being caught as well in the Kalum and some in the Copper but not in great numbers. You can see from the Tyee test fishery graphs that we appear to be on track for an average Steelhead season

Babine River - Action at the fish fence is great. Easy to catch your 2 limit (not 4 as in the Skeena). This is a great spot to bring someone new to fly fishing as your chance of success is very high and there is not alot of casting skill required. Use a very long, heavy sink tip. The easiest spot is just downstream of the bridge (although this is often crowded). Don't wade out too far the fish sit just in the trough where the water drops from the shallows. For beginners they only need to be able to get their sink tip out a short distance in order to land some fish. Experienced fly fishers will enjoy many of the other less crowded spots where a longer cast is required. As always practice good bear etiquitte.

Babine Lake - Sounds like reports are a little more hit and miss in the lake but their certainly are fish there.

Kispiox - Water in the Kispiox remains very low and clear. Pinks are in the system but the reports have not been overly favorable. In several weeks Steelhead should start arriving and things should heat up again although with the low water it will be a different fishing experience than you may be used to.

Ocean - Excellent Coho fishing still.

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