Spring Fishing Slowing Down

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Posted on Jul 23/2013

Fishing for Chinook in the Bulkley has become very slow. There are some fish rolling especially in the later evening but the catch seems to be very low. Last night at Moricetown even the Wetsuweten Fisheries nets were producing very few fish. Very few springs being caught in the Morice or the Bulkley.  The Skeena seems to be producing better results according to some but is very hit and miss, some days hot other days not at all.

Currently there is a "cooling off period" announced for the Kitwanga boat launch access. It is unclear if this applies to walk in fishing as well or not but best to plan to fish elsewhere until things change.

Chum and Pinks are in the Kitimat river now which is always a fun fishery.

There has been the odd summer run Steelhead already caught on the Skeena (a friend posted a beauty the other day).

get out & play today!!

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