Tough going but better water levels

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Posted on Oct 06/2014

Tough going out there in most areas including lower Bulkley, Skeena, Kispiox Rivers due to recent rains but there is a silver lining. Both photos are the Bulkley River at Main St.

Bulkley River

Rains on Thursday took the usual 12-24hr to show their effect with the river getting a decent bump in water levels but also a fair amount of cloudiness come Saturday the 4th. Heavy rains all day on Sunday the 5th made the situation worse and showed up almost right away. The Telkwa River is dumping some serious chocolate into the Bulkley and the fishing is tough going from the Telkwa downstream. This has provided a significant bump in river levels though which is the silver lining in all of this. Forecast is for overcast the next several days with more rain over the weekend. Expect active fish as the river starts to clear hopefully by Wednesday or Thursday depending on the weather. Upstream of the Telkwa is still in reasonable fishable shape and is the go to area but this is likely to mean it will be more crowded.

Morice River

Morice is still in good shape and the river has come up with recent rains. This is probably your best bet for active fishing location but be advised bear activity is high in the area particularily the upper reaches.

Kispiox River

Just as the river was coming back into shape the heavy rains on Sunday have made the fishing difficult with low visibility. Weather dependant expect things to improve by Thursday.

Skeena and Copper

The Copper River is often one of the first rivers to color up when it rains and then dumps quickly into the Skeena. With more junk coming downstream from the Bulkley expect the Skeena to take quite a few more days to come into shape. Visibility is poor at this time.

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