Peter Krause

Peter Krause

From the age of 15, biking was life. Every dollar earned at part time jobs was spent on bikes and parts . The dream of riding in the "Tour De France" or being the next  "Steve Bauer" was always on his mind. Riding as a Junoir on the BC Team and spending one season racing full time in Europe kept the passion for bike alive. Having the opportunity to work in a bike shop under a former professional "Euro Tour" bike mechanic was like " bike shop university". After a few more years of bike racing and realizing that making a living riding bikes would be hard. 

Then came an opportunity ! Local bike shop owner Doug McDonald  wanted to sell his shop. It was the reality to the dream of makeing a living with bikes. This was the begining of "Mcbike"  After 10 years of selling just bikes in three locations it was time to expand into the other passions that had developed . Triathlon had become a serious passion as well as fishing, and cross country skiing . This is Mcbike today.

get out & play today!!

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